C. Springer 

Charles Springer was a German Immigrant who opened "Charles Springer Welding Works" in the early 1900's.  Charles passed away unexpectedly at which time Louis A. Rizzo, his employee at the time, became the second owner, and is also the father to Louis V. Rizzo, the third owner.  

These generations of management expected a hard days work for a full days pay and had sayings like "Don't tell me".  In today's world, this approach might not be the way it works, but they paved the road for what is to come.  Without their dedication and years of hard work, the company wouldn't have thrived as it has.  Louis V. Rizzo was the third owner of Springer - he spent nearly 40 dedicated years running the shop and countless hours of welding; he retired in 2011.  

As the fourth owner of the company, I know that we each have our own special people to thank for the longevity and continued success of Springer.

 - Joey Martin

Joseph A Martin & Louis V Rizzo 

Welding Works & Marina


C. Springer Welding Works has been operating a welding shop in the City's South End for 109 Years

Left: Louis A. Rizzo(Second Owner)