Springer Welding primarily specializes in securing heavy lift project cargo on ships & barges.

We have secured millions of pounds of cargo on ships, barges & railcar - we take it very serious to provide quality welds to ensure safety. 

Over the years we have established great relationships that offer support to include Rail, Truck, Ship, Tug & Barge. Different types of projects entail multiple ways to get the job done.

Some ideas to consider would be job sites that can't handle high volumes of steel onsite. Material delivered by ship,barge or rail to the Port of Albany location where we would weld piling tips, conical tips, splicing and any other prep work; all while storing your products and allowing you to pull from the site as needed. This process can be vital to your job site staying safe and secure. Together with our colleagues, the jobs are limitless. We are prepared with the machinery and man power to assist in any way we can.

On the water we have capabilities to install anchors up to 3500lbs. ourselves and the network to do much more. 

Please call and allow us to help you in anyway we can. 

Welding/Industrial & Marine Services

 C. Springer